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Let it growwwww, let it grow! – the goal of optimal long hair has now been achieved! haha as per image below

Due to my recent obsession with a Filipino “loveteam” or cinema tandem, I got myself a Tagalog novel – “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic”. At first I thought it would be a challenge as I’ve never read a novel in the Filipino language before. I was pleasantly surprised that after a slow start, I flew right past it. In short, the novel was about misunderstandings and getting back to your true love. I did find it rather choppy, despite the author’s best effort to connect 5 individual story lines together. Although I must admit, I had to trudge through some pretty eye-rolling, rather gag-worthy lines as the Filipino culture has a penchant for extremely cheesy jokes. I would laugh out loud thinking,”really?!?”


As summer approaches, I got a head start with my summer reading with “Paper Towns” by John Green. In this stage in my life, I absolutely crave coming-of-age stories. It’s something to relate to and it reminds me that I don’t have to stress out being an adult just yet. I am a fan of John Green, not the hardcore, crazy kind but I do admire the power of his writing and how it brings you to be in touch with your own humanity. Lucky for us, there’s a film coming out! I must say I felt a bit of a drastic denouement and wish it rounded off better, but overall it left an impression. It gave me a chance to take a moment and reflect on what my next moves are, as it was reminiscent of when I realized that I let my days pass by too quickly. As much as I can, I do try to present in “the present” although I wonder how many others are like this, where they realize if they are even living at all –

“Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?” – Thorton Wilder


Did I mentioned I joined a book club? I joined a few months back but only got to jumping on the wagon (finally!) I am currently reading the June pick of the month, “I Know This Much is True” by Wally Lamb. It was featured on Oprah’s Book Club in 1998. I’ve only been a few pages in and so far it is addicting. I must say, that it did illicit a vivid dream that involved my boyfriend, a surrogate mother that was carrying my twin girls. Totally bizarre – the fact that it would affect my psyche as such shows that this novel is already impactful. Whoa. Still more pages to go! I’ll throw in how the book club discussed the book at a future post.


Next post will be a guest post on Top 3’s 2015 Summer Looks from my dear friend Joy of “BerryPrettyJoy”

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