PuSH Festival in Vancouver: Séquence 8

Date: February 03,  2015
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A show so outstanding that it garnered not one encore, but twice. The Vancouver Playhouse erupted in thunderous applause and a full house standing ovation. What is Séquence 8? (Sey-kahns weet) – Performed by Montreal’s Les 7 doigts de la main, it was more than just a circus show – it was an experience worth getting lost into. As Colin Davis     opened the show, he cautioned that every show would be different, that the show seen that day was not the same as yesterday’s or what will be tomorrow; and without fail, they deliver on unpredictability.

Contemporary Circus as it’s recognized, went beyond feats of athletics and acrobatics –  the show was intricately woven with visual storytelling, music and dance. With each part fusing into the next, there was a poignant moment of pure sensitivity that elevated the dynamics of this performance. Without giving much away, there is nothing like witnessing the vulnerability of the performers, stripping away each layer and taking moment for reflection. Think of it as showing you what it is, inside out – outwardly…(lol)
If ever you get a chance to watch it, you’ll know what I mean.

Like any great show, the audience was completely captivated with each step, swallowed up by each move they made and right when you think you’re impressed – you hold that breath, scoot to the edge of your seat and cringe up until they make that landing. You let your breath out only to be captured back into the thrill. Throw in some great theatre and comedy, you’re sold. For feelers like me, it was emotional acrobats in physical expression. Brilliant.

My favorite part was at the end, where each of them took turns to say their name – likened to that haunting feeling you got when you heard Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye utter ‘Thanks for stopping by’ on When Love Arrives.

For more info, check out: 7 Doigts – Séquence 8


PuSH Festival in Vancouver : Bullet Catch

Date: February 02,  2015
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A couple weeks ago, J took me out on a date day! Despite my poor health (was on the mend for bronchitis) I found myself going through a whirlwind of different emotions from shock, joy and wonder. He surprised me with tickets to shows that were part of the of the PuSH festival – An  international performing arts festival  in Vancouver known for groundbreaking, international and critically acclaimed work from artists of different disciplines.

The first show we watched was “Bullet Catch” by Rob Drummond. (Photo by Niall Walker)



There are varying degrees of reviews for this performance, but the one I caught was brilliant, not because of the grand trick at the end, but by the grasp of emotional tension within this show. Rob Drummond tells the tale of William Wonder and his death at the attempt of the Bullet Catch (catching a fired bullet into your mouth) Majority of the show was of this narrative and extends to a deeper level by having the audience take their thoughts and examine their lives. He asked for a volunteer, goes through a few magic tricks and mind reading exercise that clearly impresses the audience. But for many of us cynics, we delighted in knowing these tricks as he offered them in the show due to a show of hands that obliged. You’re probably wondering – what was the point? There is criticism that this show was a poorly done magic show. Let us not forget – this is a theatre performance with magic. Hence, why I could afford to appreciate it for what it was. The most significant moment I felt (and this was what drove me to tears) was when Rob asked his volunteer to take a gun and shoot it into this mouth. He had spent the last hour, divulging into the volunteer’s life, knowing what she stood for and ultimately sharing her soul with the audience. Who does that in an hour and 15?!? The heavy silence, the look of sadness in her eyes and that pivotal moment of choice, was what moved me. She couldn’t do it. And the audience was asked whether they would like him to proceed – some walked out. I was close to leaving, but J stopped me. Why miss the show’s headline? He explained.

And at the count to 3 and the drop of his hand, the gun fired and……

Check out “Bullet Catch” at the Revue Stage, Arts Club Theatre Company.
Show only running until Feb 7! Don’t miss it.

“Thrill seekers should go for the danger, thinkers for the philosophy, theatrical types for the drama, those of a curious disposition can go for the magic. And for all you cynics, just go for the Bullet Catch.”



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