Setting your Heart on Fire

Date: February 25,  2015
Categories: Lifestyle

Did it ever occur to anyone that Ellie Goulding is the soundtrack QUEEN?
Whatever OST she guests on is pure gold.
Case in point the following videos –

Now I don’t care for anything when it comes to 50 Shades of Gris, however this brilliant track spawned from it:

I’ve been running this on repeat the past few days – the satisfaction of listening to this track is equivalent to eating toast with Nutella. Yap – that enjoyable.

Now that you’re on the emotional high, lemme point you to this cover that makes your heart cry. Take a listen and that weep that out.
The cello in it kills me. Ugh.

Lastly, this song was from the movie ” Now Is Good” – the story was heartbreaking and there was no better writer that would pen a song as brutally honest as Ellie Goulding.

“Clinging to me
Like a last breath you would breathe
You were like home to me
I don’t recognize the street”



Falling Forward

Date: November 07,  2014
Categories: Lifestyle

Setting Goals for the last few months of the 2014 year.


So I am actually out of school this semester as I missed registration, coming back from vacation. Though I’ve been back a month now, I realized that I still have not added any time for productivity while I’m in this slump. I have a few goals I’ve wanted to achieve but done nothing but procrastinate (My biggest weakness – eep!) but I’m going to change that.

Here are my Nov-Dec goals:

1- Get my license (Sadly, I’m near my mid-20’s and have put this off forever)
I have gotten used to commuting/using transit as I’ve always generally worked at places that were transit accessible. Working downtown at my old job, it was actually more practical. However, when J (the boyf) had to drive to Everett (2 Hours drive) and to Kamloops (4 Hours drive) back to back – I really felt him hurting. We’d had to stop a few times so he can stick in a nap or two, poor guy. So I decided to give it another shot and hope it works!

2- Train myself to be a morning person. I LOVE sleep. Who doesn’t? At times, my schedule fills up to a point where I chase hours for sleep. But as I’ve read from Business Insider , there’s so much more I can accomplish (like spending more time on this blog and eating a proper breakfast!)

3- Go back to being a pescetarian. I was in the best shape when I met J, but of course naturally in a relationship, you gain what is most commonly known as the “love pounds” My body does not bounce back as fast as before and I’ve gained quite the tummy. Now even if I don’t get to flat tummy body, I felt the best  when I inhabited the pescetarian diet and there’s so much good stuff to eat!

4- Learn basic Mandarin. Quay-le, Quay-le errthang y’all! I have been doing weekly Wednesday dinners with my boyf’s parents where I teach English and learn Mandarin as well.

5- Dedicate at least 2 blog posts a week to start on this as a blogging nu-hoob


I recently started getting back to surrounding myself with things that inspire me; great company, an opulent showcase, and a new favorite blog

Cannot wait to share them soon!

– A


Philippines: Banna, Ilocos Norte Part I

Date: August 26,  2014
Categories: Lifestyle, Travel

Can you imagine a life without any internet, tv or even a phone connection? Most often the biggest struggle of people today is taking the time to unplug and separate themselves from the digital world. As much as it is my goal to work for a digital marketing agency one day or something of sorts, I have to say this small moment of peace is something I relish on. I forgot I wanted to add to my bucket list, I lost the track of time, even forgot what day it was.



I’m currently I had been staying at my grandma’s place located at the northern region of Philippines. When Manila leaves you with hot sun and humid temperatures, here you get the breeze that cools everything down. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in the mountains (bukid)

It is quiet here, with the occasional rooster crows, and street dogs barking. For the first time since I started my vacation, I am able to take the time to sit and write. And what a great place to be in – wind chimes singing, smell of fresh air, birds chirping, and that’s it.

This is me on the porch – #nomakeupselfie ! Really, Philippines gets so hot you end up with your face melting off. So au naturel it is! Besides, my skin is will thank me more for it.


Here’s my writing space – maybe later I’ll move over to the patio on the upper portion of the house where my aunt was also fond of writing in this space.


My grandma’s house which she lovingly built over hard work and resilience. This is where she returns to whenever winters blow over. The best part is that this entire block is all relatives, so your neighbors are literally, family.


I ate lunch with herbs and vegetables picked straight from the garden at her backyard – okra, tomatoes, malunggay and long beans.




Check out Part II for more on the life in the Philippines: Banna, Ilocos Norte