Afternoon Tea at Xi Shi Lounge, Shangri-La Vancouver

Date: July 23,  2014
Categories: Lifestyle

Over the weekend, I caught up with an old friend over tea, scones and an assortment of delectable savories and sweets at the Xi Shi Lounge at Shangri-La Vancouver . Being one of the first ones to arrive, it was a nice peaceful start to the day.

Xi Shi Lounge

High Tea Shangri-La Hotel   Xi Shi Lounge Shangri La Hotel

Hey everyone, Meet Joy! Joy and I met at our Graphic Communications program back in 2009. Whenever we’re together, we always struggle with finishing our food, since we talk too much. Often we’d have to wait until the other one is finished talking before we can eat. We are planning on trying the different places for afternoon tea in Vancouver. So stay tuned!

Top Five Filipino Food Must-Haves when on vacation

Date: July 23,  2014
Categories: Lifestyle

Last time I was in the Philippines in 2011, I set a food hit-list and successfully met them all. I had on my list Balut (duck embryo), Isaw (chicken intestine), Kwek-Kwek (deep-fried quail eggs), etc. Most were street food and I survived! Now that I’m going back for vacation this year, here are the top five filipino food I’m excited about:

1) Taho

taho philippine street food

Otherwise known as Tofu pudding, but there’s nothing like Taho fresh from the vendors first thing in the morning.

2) Halo – Halo

halo-halo philippine street food

Authentic Halo-Halo – exactly as its made in the Philippines on a hot day? What could be better?

3) Sorbetes – “Dirty Ice Cream”

sorbetes philippine street food

Ube (Purple Yam), Cheese (yes, that’s right) and Mango – mmm, don’t knock it til you taste it!

4) La Paz Batchoy

la paz batchoy philippine street food

Now this soup, is especially because my boyfriend is a huge soup fanatic. I cannot wait until he gets to try this.

5) Chicken inasal (chicken barbecue)

chicken inasal philippine street food

THIS. is what my Mom’s hometown is know for. I’m drooling even thinking about eating this with my hands.

Here are some honourable mentions:
Mais Con Yelo
mais con yelo philippine street food

I remember hitting up a store near my house when I was a kid and pulling up a chair to dig into this sweet, icy, corn goodness.
Fries from Potato Corner

fries potato corner philippines


potato corner philippines

Okay, okay, it’s not food – it’s a place, but their fries are BOOOOMB. My childhood memories are some of the greatest due to the cheese flavored fries. (Last time I went to the Philippines, I ate this everytime I hit the mall – which was 4 times a week. haha)

Other than these, I hope to share a myriad of different types to eat while I’m in the Philippines!

*all food images found on pinterest