For the Love of Shanghai

Date: September 04,  2015
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Last year, I was able to travel to China to meet le BF’s family. I would have never thought I would ever get to visit China. I fell in love with Shanghai. The big flashing lights, high towers, awe-inspiring structures – it puts Vancouver to shame. I understood why it is a world class landmark and a global behemoth. I do hope that in my lifetime, I get to visit other parts of China, because from what I gather, Shanghai is only the beginning of it all.

Ummm.. awkward frontal wedgie LOL – it was windy and yah….

20140816_224347 20140816_222702

That smog is no joke.


At the bottom of the Orient Pearl Tower – Oooo lights.

20140816_201016 20140816_200822

Louis, Louis, Louis… this is a snapshot of how the Chinese can really dish out.


Happy Friday!!

Philippines: Banna, Ilocos Norte Part I

Date: August 26,  2014
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Can you imagine a life without any internet, tv or even a phone connection? Most often the biggest struggle of people today is taking the time to unplug and separate themselves from the digital world. As much as it is my goal to work for a digital marketing agency one day or something of sorts, I have to say this small moment of peace is something I relish on. I forgot I wanted to add to my bucket list, I lost the track of time, even forgot what day it was.



I’m currently I had been staying at my grandma’s place located at the northern region of Philippines. When Manila leaves you with hot sun and humid temperatures, here you get the breeze that cools everything down. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in the mountains (bukid)

It is quiet here, with the occasional rooster crows, and street dogs barking. For the first time since I started my vacation, I am able to take the time to sit and write. And what a great place to be in – wind chimes singing, smell of fresh air, birds chirping, and that’s it.

This is me on the porch – #nomakeupselfie ! Really, Philippines gets so hot you end up with your face melting off. So au naturel it is! Besides, my skin is will thank me more for it.


Here’s my writing space – maybe later I’ll move over to the patio on the upper portion of the house where my aunt was also fond of writing in this space.


My grandma’s house which she lovingly built over hard work and resilience. This is where she returns to whenever winters blow over. The best part is that this entire block is all relatives, so your neighbors are literally, family.


I ate lunch with herbs and vegetables picked straight from the garden at her backyard – okra, tomatoes, malunggay and long beans.




Check out Part II for more on the life in the Philippines: Banna, Ilocos Norte


Will share soon!

Date: July 23,  2014
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