Date: March 19,  2015
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In light of a busy schedule, I have not been able post anything in a while.
If only you could see my Drafts folder ha!
Up until school concludes in a few weeks – I’ll finally be able to dedicate time to writing.



Date: February 18,  2015
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Do you ever have those moments where you wake up in the morning, look at the sky turning colors and just smile?
I’m having one of those days. 🙂

Ever since the beginning of this year, I tried to wake up in morning and relish in being present in the moment.
I am striving to find many things to be thankful for, in every day.

Even when it rains, even when it’s cold, even if I’m still half asleep.
I take a moment to appreciate every day that’s added to my life.

I found this on tumblr at one point, don’t remember from where specifically.
But it’s a wonderful reminder, even when days get rough.


Have a wonderful day!


Humble Brag

Date: September 22,  2014
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Humble Brag.

As defined by Google:



I have a handful go-to blogs that I visit frequently. You see when I was slacking off in BCIT, I was obsessed with fashion blogs and went through a phase of harmless stalking. From that, I became a devout  reader of a few. Mostly because there were content that at least spoke to me, more than their beautiful outfits. I have an admiration for this one particular blog that I had followed for about 3 years now and always wondered….”Where the heck did you get all the money to dress like that?” then fast forward later… there is a post about badly managing finances due to a shopping addiction . I will admit I give them HUGE kudos, for being honest and upfront. I often thought there was a disconnect between the pictures of the outfits vs the content I read. I LOVE who she is, no nonsense, beautifully inserts her curse words and pours out heart and soul….but with an outfit post. Unfortunately, it leaves me with a “humble brag” impression, where she shows off her outfits, but expresses herself differently on text. Being human, I will understand enough that she has admitted personal self doubts and I guess I shouldn’t totally crucify over things like that.
I cannot say it any better than J-Law herself.


( is the best)

Based on that, right off the bat, I am neither a fashion or beauty blog.
Disclaimer: BUT may or may not have a spur of vanity here and there….come oonnn let’s be honest,

we all have our moments 😉

This blog showcases the different colors to my personality rainbow. Welcome.