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Ever since the beginning, I have always had more guy friends than girls. On multiple occasions, I have gotten my fair share of heartbreaks from girl friends. Some time ago I read a scathing article about what it means to be friends with guys. It lambasted the fact that the someone that is considered “one of the guys” has issues which explains why they aren’t found in a group of women and that they shouldn’t be trusted. Check it out here “Why You Should Never Trust A Girl with No Girlfriends”

I beg to differ.

Before I get into the thick of it, let’s point out a few factors:

– I am as girly as it can be, I love pretty dresses, wearing makeup and high heels
– I have a small yet wonderful number of female friends (who are neither part of a group or clique)
– The type of girlfriends I have are strong, independent, positive influencers who have great attributes such as kindness, empathy and compassion.
– I have a boyfriend. LOL

Not that I’ve never been in a friendship with a group of girls, I just discovered as I got older, that I didn’t need to keep myself with a group, or even a group of girls for that matter if I was looking for a more substantial friendship. By any means, I am not knocking being friends with a group of girls. Simply countering the ridiculous article that pigeon-holes women that aren’t in one. In my opinion, it is a classic case of playground bullying where you count a someone out because they don’t try to be like you and your friends. It does bring the idea of women empowerment a notch down when you have an idea alienating others through negative influence. As women, we should support each other, be empathetic to each of our individual differences and cheer each other on for every victory.

But of course, I cannot fail to mention the benefits of being the chick friend in a guy group:

  • You’re the homie they can crack jokes with, no filters
  • When they’re down and out, you’re one of the few they can talk to where they can be “soft”
  • You learn a lot about the opposite gender just simply talking to each other
  • You know they have your back no matter what (that’s why bromances are solid)
  • NO BS and will call you out straight.  Rare to find, but even more valuable when they’re your bros.

There you have it, we homegirls aren’t so bad.


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