Last year, I was able to travel to China to meet le BF’s family. I would have never thought I would ever get to visit China. I fell in love with Shanghai. The big flashing lights, high towers, awe-inspiring structures – it puts Vancouver to shame. I understood why it is a world class landmark and a global behemoth. I do hope that in my lifetime, I get to visit other parts of China, because from what I gather, Shanghai is only the beginning of it all.

Ummm.. awkward frontal wedgie LOL – it was windy and yah….

20140816_224347 20140816_222702

That smog is no joke.


At the bottom of the Orient Pearl Tower – Oooo lights.

20140816_201016 20140816_200822

Louis, Louis, Louis… this is a snapshot of how the Chinese can really dish out.


Happy Friday!!


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